About Us


The Field Club was founded on 2 July 1990 by a small group of friends, who all enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking in the Spanish countryside. Since those early days the Club has grown considerably and in 2002 became formally registered under Spanish Law as the Club Multinacional de Senderismo (The Field Club) and now has over two hundred members from many Countries and backgrounds.

Although now much larger, the Field Club still retains the same basic principles on which it was founded – the enjoyment of walking, a love of the countryside and the good company of like-minded friends.

Field Club activities are organised by the Committee, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting (normally in January) and work on a voluntary basis, to ensure that the Club is properly run and that the Members are provided with a varied and enjoyable programme of Walks and Social Events.


The Field Club year is divided into two seasons, January to May and September to December, in each of which there is a full programme of walks of varying degrees of difficulty.

The Short Walks Programme is composed of easy and moderate walks from 6 to 9 Km, which are normally accessed by car. Whilst these walks are not particularly difficult, they still require a moderate level of fitness.

The Long Walks Programme contains a variety of more challenging countryside and mountain walks of up to 20 Km. All require a higher level of fitness and are graded so that members can select those which are within their physical capabilities. Long walks are normally accessed by bus. The programme is designed so that Members of different abilities and fitness, all have the opportunity to enjoy walks to suit their own capabilities.

We have a programme of Social events, including dinner dances, lunches and two walking holidays each year. Holidays are normally in Andalucia, but sometimes further afield in Spain and occasionally abroad. Details of Spring and Autumn events can be found in our Walk Programme, which you will find elsewhere on this website when you have joined the Club.

If you feel the Field Club may be to your liking and wish to know more, why not come and meet us at one of our Monday morning meetings? We look forward to meeting you.


The Field Club usually meets every 1st and 3rd Monday morning of each month during the two walking seasons, January – May and September – December. OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON MONDAY 18TH DECEMBER IN THE CAFETERIA (1ST FLOOR) OF TENENCIA DE ALCALDIA LOS BOLICHES – CALLE PESCADO, 101B, 29640 FUENGIROLA, MALAGA.

The dates for the opening and closing meetings each season can be obtained from :


When you have joined, these dates are detailed in the Walk Programme for each season.

There are several desks open each Monday where Members book on walks and the various social events which are available. We have a very sociable gathering, where members and friends can chat over a coffee and form long term relationships. We have a good number of single members, so if you are single, don’t feel that you will be the odd one out.