All Field Club Walks require you to wear proper walking boots or shoes and you will not be allowed to participate if you arrive wearing trainers, ordinary shoes, or other unsuitable footwear.

On long walks, you will require a backpack, in order to carry items such as water, picnic lunch, first aid kit, layers and if necessary wet gear. Many walkers use walking poles, which can be useful, but these are not compulsory. In hot weather, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are often essential.

The weather in Southern Spain can be quite variable from coast to mountains and can change quickly. It is advisable to carry a windproof jacket and a set of waterproof clothing.

Always ask the Walk Leader of your particular walk for advice, in the days prior to the walk.

Field Club walks range from 6 Km to more than 20 Km and very few of these are on flat ground. Short Walks can be up to 9 Km and involve a variety of uphill and downhill sections which will require a higher level of fitness than that needed for a stroll along the Paseo Maritimo.

“Long walks” are graded according to difficulty under the MIDE System and are of longer distance with greater ascents and descents and often more difficult conditions underfoot. The higher the grade number, the higher a level of fitness is required. All new Members are advised to try an easier grade of walk initially, so that they can accurately assess the level of difficulty associated with the grading system used by the Field Club.

Walk Leaders and Walk Co-ordinators can provide you with appropriate advice prior to you booking.


Annual Membership is currently €15 p.a for the year 1 January to 31 December, or any part thereof. There is no discount for joining part way through the year.


Walking equipment, such as walking boots, sticks and clothing is the responsibility of each Member, as is any expenditure incurred on the walk for food and beverages, unless otherwise advised in writing for any particular walk. On Long walks, breakfast is currently provided by the Club. Continuity of this is strictly dependent upon there being sufficient Club Financial Reserves.