Membership Information

All applications for Membership of the Field Club must be made on the prescribed form available from the Membership Secretary at the Hogar during our Monday morning meetings.

Prior to completing the application form you will be given a document outlining Club Guidelines and an Insurance Disclaimer, which are applicable to all Members and which you should read prior to making your application. Prospective members must also talk to the Membership Secretary and the Long Walks Co-ordinator on duty, who will explain the relevant aspects of becoming a Member and suggest which walks may be suitable initially, based upon the new Member’s past experience.

It is usual to start with a lower grade walk, until you have become familiar with the Club’s system of grading walks, after which you can more accurately assess which walks are within your capabilities.

When you apply to join the Club, it is important that you make known to the Membership Secretary any existing medical condition you may have and any medication you are taking, which might adversely affect your health, or be needed whilst walking. If you are in any doubt, you must check with your Doctor and get their confirmation. If you do not mention any particular problems, or medication, the Club will rightly assume that none exist.

Please be mindful that even minor problems, such as allergies to bee stings, can be fatal in some cases.

The present Annual Membership fee is €15 and covers the period from 1 January to 31 December. There is no discount for joining mid-term.

Membership must be renewed annually and can be made at any time for the following year via the Membership Desk at one of our Monday meets.  At this time you must again sign to confirm that you accept the Conditions of Membership, as specified in the Membership Application Form and also the Insurance Disclaimer, which affirms that Members take part in Club activities entirely at their own risk.

It is strongly advised that Members take out Personal Accident Insurance. You are NOT INSURED by the Club for accidents.

You must also inform the Membership Secretary should your original medical condition or medication have changed, which might compromise your ability to undertake whatever grades of walks you may subsequently book.

It is a Statutory legal requirement for the Field Club to have your N.I.E or Passport details on file. This information is kept strictly confidential, access being restricted to the President, the Vice-President and the Membership Secretary. Failure to provide this information will result in your membership application being declined, as the Field Club would be in breach of its legal duty.